The Errand: The Warlock on the Hill

“A young girl sits waiting at the top of the stairs, glowing in the darkness. Leading you quickly to the far side of the banister, she hops up into a painting of a small winding staircase, shrinking beautifully as if she and Alice were old friends.
You shrug your shoulders: there is nothing to be done but to follow.”

Dare to enter the dark, magical mansion of the Warlock on the Hill—full of dangerous riddles, echoing voices, and terrifying creatures—and you may never be the same again.


7 to 11


7.5" X 10.5"


9781772290301 (hardcover), 9781772290561 (e-book)






The Errand, vol. 2

Reviews & Awards

"Highly Recommended. White font against a solid black background adds suspense between detailed sepia and black and white sketches. The warlock’s notes, in his own writing, appear throughout, putting readers in the errand runner’s shoes, reading the clues and instructions along with the errand runner. Hints of colour appear in Oehlers’ illustrations to show there is reason for hope: the errand runner’s cape wrapping him in green; fairy-printed wallpaper with hints of green that will come to life at just the right moment; bright yellow stars bringing light in stark darkness. These hints of colours, which become more frequent as the story proceeds and indicate hope and a positive twist, help ease the tension in what could be a terrifying adventure. The Warlock on the Hill shows readers that there is always someone willing to help, even if it comes with a risk to their own safety. Readers will learn to never underestimate how helpful someone can be, no matter how small, and that they, too, can make a difference regardless of size – if a fairy can help bring down a werewolf, imagine what readers are capable of! Readers will be keen to continue the next adventure in “The Errand” series, The Queen." — Crystal Sutherland, CM: Canadian Review of Materials