The Errand: The Queen

Was it all a nightmare?

No, not a nightmare. There lies the package. Proof.

It all comes flooding back. The witch. The warlock…the ghost girl. The queen.

The errand.


7 to 11




7.5" X 10.5"


9781772290509 (hardcover), 9781772290578 (e-book)




The Errand, vol. 3

Reviews & Awards

Praise for The Errand series: "Groundbreaking, spellbinding, this book is a winning collaboration between writer and artist. In these days where faster is better and shorter trumps longer, two gifted artists have decided to take us on a journey through a mythological forest. This haunting archetypal tale—where the forces of good and evil swirl around the heroic journey of a young boy—harks back to the best of The Brothers Grimm. LaFleur's text is exquisite word music, leaving space for Oehler's art. Such ART! Images so rich in detail readers will tumble off chairs into the page: gripped, scared, hopeful, but never to be let go. Not even after the book is closed. These two have created a world we will revisit, and a boy whose journey we will want more of—not just one magnificent book. I'm enchanted, gobsmacked, thrilled for readers of all ages and inspired by the accomplishment of these creators." — Sheree Fitch, Award Winning Author of The Gravesavers