GHETTO: Sanctuary for Sale

This book is part of Henriquez Partners Architects’ exhibition at the European Cultural Centre at Palazzo Mora during the 2021 Venice Architecture Biennale. GHETTO is a theoretical project that proposes wealth transfer from American tourists to Iranian refugees seeking shelter and fundamental human needs, with the intention of creating inclusive cites where all feel welcome.

In collaboration with the UNHCR, Henriquez proposes GHETTO: Sanctuary for Sale, which includes within it a twofold narrative and architectural manifesto while positing the question, “What does it mean to be a citizen?” Two graphic novel narratives, written from both the perspective of the tourist and the refugee, describe how each individual may become a citizen of the collective world community. The book illustrates how an innovative timeshare-refugee housing model inherently supports the potential to change the worldview to encourage inclusivity. Demonstrating the studio’s credo in this theoretical project, Henriquez Partners Architects aims to elicit meaningful discussions concerning models of architectural practice that enable diverse cultural landscapes to thrive and promote social good on the tiny planet we call home.




8" X 10"


9781772290608 (paperback)