Gulf Islands Alphabet

The Gulf Islands Alphabet flows from letter to letter, island to island, blending the charms, natural beauty, character and unique values of this corner of the world. The inviting language and compelling illustrations take children and adults alike on an island-hopping journey through this southwestern corner of British Columbia, Canada. The beautiful islands in the Salish Sea are explored in an enchanting manner and can be enjoyed whether you are in a cabin cradled in a cove, or on a boat that basks in bays, a local or a visitor to this Pacific paradise.


All ages


8.5" X 10.75"


9781897476291 (hardcover)





Reviews & Awards

"The beautiful and numerous Gulf Islands, lying between the eastern coast of Vancouver Island and mainland B.C., lend themselves well to this richly illustrated alphabet book. . . . Although this alphabet book celebrates a particular Canadian locale, readers anywhere will take pleasure in the colourful names and landscapes depicted in it." — Quill and Quire

"Another alphabet-type children's book is Gulf Islands Alphabet. The setting is the Salish Sea in the southwestern corner of British Columbia where the Gulf Islands are. Beautiful illustrations by Alex Walton and "poetic alphabet" text take the reader on a journey to the Gulf Islands archipelago. While reading about Arbutus trees, Bowen Island, colossal cedars and Denman Island as well as Valdes Island and whale watching young readers learn about this fascinating place—and the alphabet!" —

"Books My Boys Love: It’s lyrical, beautifully illustrated, and the ‘alphabet book’ is also a Gulf Islands narrative . . . one that flows through each letter of the alphabet."