Always Run Up the Stairs

In this new book, the little cartoon hero follows his own advice and always run up the stairs. Why? Because he thinks there are crazy monsters living “down there” in the basement. Could he be a little afraid of the dark? Who isn’t? He thinks that if he outruns them, then he’ll be safe. Wouldn’t you know it? His parents tell him he’s not allowed any running up the stairs. They just make fun and tease him. What is there to do? Should he offer them cookies so they won’t eat him? Should he make friends with them? Why not turn on the lights and play a few games? But soon it’s time for bed, and he puts aside his schemes for another day. Tucked into bed, he still wonders, “Do those things really live down there?” Should he ask the thing that’s hiding under his bed?

Children will enjoy this book and the ways it pokes fun at all the noises and scary things in the dark. Even grown-up fans of Tex Avery will get a great reaction from Always Run Up the Stairs. The illustrations are a crazy cartoon pleasure, and the story is written in a rap style. It’s just plain silly, and will guarantee a fun read at bedtime, anytime.

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4 to 7


8.68" X 10.02"


9781894965057 (hardback)