Kathy Beliveau loves writing, yoga, nature and all things that feed the soul. She has traveled extensively and sailed a third of the way around the world. She now lives in the small seaside community on Vancouver Island, where she was raised and where she raised her own children. Kathy writes for children and adults, teaches yoga to all ages and presents at schools and professional development conferences. She is the author of The Yoga Game by the Sea, The Yoga Game in the Garden and co-author of the Strong Nations Yoga Cards. In a light and playful style, her books, presentations and workshops help connect children with nature, connect people to the planet and connect mind, body and spirit. Kathy’s passion for storytelling, yoga and the natural world is infectious. In her work and her life, she strives to inspire and remind people (of all ages) that we are part of nature. Kathy lives in her hometown, close to nature and the sea.

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