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In Flanders Fields
by Norman Jorgensen
Illustrated by Brian Harrison-Lever
AGES: 9 & up
SIZE: 8.75 x 11
RIGHTS: NA English
PRICES: US $9.95, Cdn $9.95
PAPERBACK: 978-1-894965-83-5

Early on Christmas morning the guns stop firing. A deathly silence creeps over the pitted and ruined landscape. A young soldier peers through a periscope over the top of the trench. Way out in no-man's-land, he sees a small red shape moving on the barbed wire. A brightly colored robin is trapped. One wing is flapping helplessly.

In Flanders Fields tells the story of a young homesick World War I soldier, who risks his life to cross the no-man's-land and rescue a robin caught in the barbed wire that separates the opposing forces, dug into their trenches. Although the story takes place in the midst of a long and brutal war, the fighting has paused and no violence is seen. The focus of the book is on the similarity of the soldiers on both sides of the fence. This moving picture book is a plea for compassion. 


Curricular connections

Social Studies: History, WW1; Tolerance