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Looking for Loons
by Jennifer Lloyd
Illustrated by Kirsti Anne Wakelin
AGES: 5 & up
SIZE: 9 x 11
PRICES: Hardcover: $16.95 US, $17.95 Cdn
Paperback: $8.99 US, $11.99 Cdn
HARDCOVER: 9781894965545
PAPERBACK: 9781772290158


Scholastic book review

"If this book doesn’t have you wanting to rent a cabin in the woods, I don’t know what will.  Jennifer Lloyd deftly describes a family enjoying nature as the surrounding woods wake up.  I felt a connection to Patrick waiting for the loons, as I remembered nighttime excursions to watch for meteor showers or try to spot owls.  Kirsti Anne Wakelin’s warm illustrations complement Lloyd’s imagery, and her sketchbook like endpapers are a real treat.  (By the way, this book only features a squirrel cameo.)"

"Poetic and beautiful" - Menasha kids

"A sensory feast, from the sunlight on a pillow to the bang of a cast-iron pan on the story"

Cottage Life

"Luminous watercolors are an excellent match for the natural beauty of the tale's setting . . . a very attractive and well-designed book" - Quill & Quire

"Looking for Loons perfectly distills the magic of an early autumn cottage porch, watching the world wake up. Silence disturbed only by lake animals, coolness in the air before the day’s heat starts up, it’s a wonderful hold-your-breath instant that seems to stretch while dew drips off the branches, and inside, bacon sizzles. Local artist Kirsti Anne Wakelin’s exquisite watercolours span every shade of fall’s palette, with delicate tableaux of stillness and possibility." - Georgia Straight


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Looking for Loons is a gentle story honoring the serenity of natural spaces. The reader meets Patrick who wakes up early and creeps out to the porch of the family cabin hoping to see loons on the lake. One by one the other family members arise from sleep and begin their morning rituals of making breakfast while the world around the cabin also comes to life. As the family gradually comes together on the porch sharing the tranquility, no loons come. The family drips off to enjoy their breakfast leaving only Patrick who finally gets his reward of slighting the loons. 

Those who have experienced waking up surrounded by this beauty will appreciate the sights and sounds communicated by this story. The reader feels included in the experience as we anticipate the arrival of the loons with Patrick. The illustrations enrich the reading experience. The yellow and brown colors set the autumn tone, while the varied perspectives entice the reader to share the experience with the characters in the story. 

I would recommend this book for both school and public library collections. It would support curriculum topics in science, family relationships as well as support the language arts. The book would be well-suited for reading to groups or individually. - Linda Berezowski

Feature Article in Canadian Children's Book News - "English Children's and YA Books Made in Quebec" 


"... Picture book author Jennifer Lloyd, who lives in the Laurentians region north of Montreal, is the author of One Winter Night and Looking for Loons and the forthcoming Ella's Umbrellas. When the tall, soft-spoken author isn't at her writing desk, she works with the six-and-under set as a part-time kindergarten teacher. Lloyd's school board has demonstrated belief and support in her literary activities by allowing her to give workshops on the book publishing process in its schools. Commenting on other ways to highlight local writers, she says: 'It would be wonderful if our Montreal newspapers could have a regular feature promoting the works of our local English-language writers and illustrators.'

She adds, 'What I would love to see is booksellers, especially larger chains, creating a marked space reserved for local writers. This would give a chance for the public, including parents, librarians and teachers, to choose books from homegrown talent.' ..."