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Bedtime for Tad
by Adam Nicely
AGES: 0 to 3
SIZE: 7 x 5.5
PRICES: US $7.95, CAN $8.95
HARDCOVER: 978-1-894965-84-2

Best Before-Bed Read-Alouds - "A little bunny tells his mother all the things he'd like to dream about while he's asleep" - Scholastic Parent & Teacher Magazine, 2010


Scholastic - The Best Toys for the Holiday Season, 2008

When his mother calls for him, busy little rabbit Tad asks if it’s time to . . . race tortoises . . . fly airplanes, or . . . float across the sea. This sturdy board book adds endless (and enticing) potential to bedtime. 

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Tad is a "busy little rabbit." At the end of the day, Mother Rabbit asks, "Do you know what time it is?" In an innocent manner, Tad replies, "Is it time to float across the sea?" Always ready for adventure, he continues to offer suggestions: "Is it time to throw some mud cakes? Or time to be a space pirate? Is it time to fly my airplane?" Tucking him under his blanket, Mommy Rabbit laughs, "Oh, Tad, it's just time for bed." He then closes his eyes "to dream of all the things he wanted to do."

Nicely's stylized watercolor illustrations capture the imaginative play and portray Tad as a little boy in a bunny suit. The detailed drawings show Tad snorkelling underwater along with whales and submarines, racing on the back of a tortoise and balancing on top of a mountain peak. Child-like scribbles accent each page. A good choice for board book collections. 

Thematic Links: Bedtime; Board Books; Imagination

- Linda Ludke

CM Magazine

"Nicely's simple water color illustrations occupy each recto while the facing pages contain one or two lines of brief text with most of the book being taken up with Tad's fanciful responses to his mother's mundane query. While the opening text says: This is Tad. He is a busy little rabbit. Nicely's art suggests that Tad is really just a little boy dressed in a bunny costume. Though Tad's replies have staved off bed for a few minutes, he apparently does not mind going to bed as he sees the contents of his replies to his mother as being the stuff of that night's dreams. Obviously meant as a before bed or nap time read, Bedtime for Tad is a worthy home purchase as well as being a title that belongs in libraries serving the toddler crowd."