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The Whalemaster
by Michael Moniz
Illustrated by Michael Moniz
AGES: 9 to 12
PAGES: 240
SIZE: 5.5 x 8.25 in
PRICES: $9.95 U.S. / higher in Canada
PAPERBACK: 9781927018798

Below the nine islands of the Azores, a monster
waits for those who murdered his kin—the whalers,
with their longboats and deadly harpoons.


One of these whalers is Antonio, a tough harpooner sworn to kill the monster whale that plagues his homeland’s waters. While chasing the great beast he finds a boy, wounded and floating in the sea. With no memory of who he is or where he came from, the boy’s survival seems a miracle to the harpooner, who becomes his protector.


Together, they face the rigors of life on a whaling vessel, hunting and killing the largest thing that has ever lived. As the boy’s respect for both the whaler and the whales themselves grows, he becomes tormented by memories and dreams he doesn’t understand. It’s a life of blood and fire, sailing endlessly in search of whales and the profits they’ll bring. Until they meet the Leviathan, the monster whale that will change everything.

The Whalemaster is a swashbuckling adventure that brings to life a time before Moby Dick, when whaling ships first began hunting in the mid-Atlantic, and the ocean was said to harbor demons in the deep.