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Jayde the Jaybird
by Brandee Bublé
Illustrated by Eliska Liska
AGES: 3 to 7
SIZE: 8in x 8in
PRICES: $15.95 US / $17.95 CAN
HARDCOVER: 978-1-927018-69-9

Jayde the Jaybird is the second book in the One of a Kind picture book series, which reminds us to embrace our differences.


Jayde is an adorable jaybird with a tiny left wing and a big voice. Although it’s not easy keeping up with the others, it doesn’t stop her from doing what she loves...singing. But Jayde is too shy to share her voice, even with her family. Come fly away with Jayde and see what happens when she finally gets the courage to sing loud enough for the whole forest to hear.