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Eerie Dearies 26 Ways to Miss School
by Rebecca Chaperon
Illustrated by Rebecca Chaperon
AGES: all ages
SIZE: 9.12 x 11.19
PRICES: $19.95
HARDCOVER: 978-1-927018-40-8

Astral projection, gremlin-attacks, and teleportation are just a few of the reasons for academic absence creatively illustrated in this book.


Eerie Dearies is an unusual book that offers a carefully crafted & alphabetized selection of twenty-six beautifully illustrated excuses for being awol from school. Faded and well-used book covers serve as compelling backgrounds to each of these delicately rendered acrylic paintings, creating an atmosphere akin to an old and dusty collection of darkly humorous myths.


This bizarre and astonishing ABC book contains 26 illustrations of absent school girls by Vancouver artist Rebecca Chaperon. Chaperon’s fine art paintings capture the misadventures of various heroines from literary works while portraying the tale of a female protagonist within a slightly surreal landscape. Her images entertain the mind with possible narratives, while haunting us with underlying emotions. In Eerie Dearie ephemeral landscapes are populated with intriguing figures, at once pale and wan and amusingly dramatic. The perfect peculiar ABC!