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The World that Loved Books
by Stephen Parlato
AGES: 3 & up
SIZE: 8.5 x 11.5
RIGHTS: World except South Korea
PRICES: Hardcover: $16.95 U.S., higher in Canada
Paperback: $8.99 U.S., higher in Canada
HARDCOVER: 9781894965989
PAPERBACK: 9781772290127

Now available in paperback! In the world where all creatures read, marvelous transformations occur. Cats reading about mice become mice. Horses reading about fish become fish. Even a rhinoceros that reads about butterflies becomes butterflies. Illustrated with colorful, intricately detailed collages, this fable about how books can change us in marvelous and unexpected ways has captured the imaginations of many children and adults around the world.


Curricular connections

Language Arts: Reading strategies

The Arts: Visual literacy