Vladimir Todorov

Vladimir Todorov is a feature concept artist and book illustrator with over fifteen years of experience in the movie business. In 1990 he joined Steven Spielberg’s Animation Studios in London and worked animated films such as An American Tail, We’re Back and Balto. He then became lead animator for Uli Meyer Studios where he worked on the films Space Jam and Lost in Space. In 1997, he joined Warner Brothers Studio to work on their animated feature, The Quest for Camelot. A year later he became part of the creative team at Sony Pictures Imageworks in LA where he became a storyboard and concept artist on a number of films including Stuart Little and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. He was also part of the creative team responsible for the Academy Award winning animated short The Chubb Cubbs. In 2002 he was appointed as Character Design Supervisor on Robert Zemeckis’ film The Polar Express. Recently he has created artwork for Zemeckis’ next film Beowulf and storyboards for Eragon, but also dedicated time to his own projects, which include the illustrations for The Moon Rock.  




Books by Vladimir Todorov:

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