Farida Zaman

Farida Zaman has a passion for art and design.  In her 20 years as a
freelance illustrator, she has worked in many countries across the world,
bringing style, colour, and joy to many.  Trained in fine art and
illustration, Farida is now a seasoned freelance professional, displaying a
wide versatility of applications of her style, which has been used in:
posters, book covers, children¹s book illustrations, clothing, packaging,
and giftware.  The look is unmistakable: vibrant, whimsical, executed with
flair and drama ­ designs that always enhance and enliven.  Farida enjoys
travel and loves food, music, and people from around the world ­ her trips
in recent years have included Morocco, Thailand, Turkey, Iran, Italy and
Spain.  These travel influences come through strongly in her work. A
cosmopolitan and global citizen Farida also blends culture and
multiculturalism in her work.  All of this translates into a passion, which
makes her unique art enriching and inspiring.  Farida completed a foundation
course at the Chelsea School of Art in London, graduating with honours from
the Wimbledon School of Art.  She has built an international career as a
freelance illustrator in Geneva, London, New York, and Toronto.  Her work
has been exhibited at private shows and galleries in New York City, New
Jersey, and Toronto.  Recently, one piece was selected for ³The Art of the
Picture Book Exhibition², to be displayed in the fall (2012) in the Montreal
Museum of Fine Arts.  Farida is a member of the Society of Illustrators in
New York, SCBWI (Society for Children¹s Book writers and Illustrators), and
CAPIC (Canadian Association of Photographers and Illustrators in
Communication) and is currently the illustrators¹ representative on the
executive committee of Canscaip.  Farida  has received recognition and has
won awards in Europe and North America.  She lives with her husband,
daughter and son in Toronto and works from her home studio.  Her favourite
mediums are watercolour, gouache, acrylic, and mixed and digital medium.


Books by Farida Zaman:

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